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Château Lafleur-Gazin

Château Lafleur-Gazin

Flitting around the appellation of Pomerol, up near Château Lafleur and Château Gazin, you may notice in the near-distance this property. It is not likely that you will actually drive past it, unless you are just returning from an excursion to Lalande-de-Pomerol to the north, or maybe you have been up in Lussac (as in Lussac-St-Emilion). This is because the estate lies on the very edge of the Pomerol appellation on the Route de Lussac, which takes you out of Pomerol through these other Pomerol and St Emilion satellites.

Château Lafleur-Gazin

Nevertheless, the property is not to difficult to spot, being painted a fresh ivory-white hue, its name painted on the side wall in rather obvious black letters. Advance and investigate further and you will find an attractive doll’s house, immaculate in its presentation, complete with wrought iron fence; as with all the properties in the hands of the Moueix family, it is clearly well maintained. Behind it, running down to the Barbanne which marks the very edge of the appellation, are its vineyards.


The origins of the estate do not seem well established. What is known is that for a long time, during much of the 20th century, the estate was in the hands of the Borderie family, for at least three generations. One of these generations was Maurice Borderie, and he handed the estate to his daughter, Madame Delfour-Borderie. Her name remains on the label to this day, although she has no responsibility for the running of the estate.

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