Peppercorns & Potter’s Clay, 2011

Seeing a Pomerol tasting looming near on the calendar, hosted in London by a popular wine merchant, and realising that I would be in the city at a loose end that evening (or at least that could be arranged, if I delayed my return to Edinburgh by a few hours and came back on the sleeper train), I duly made some appropriate enquiries. Of course, I should have known better; I was enquiring a few weeks before the event, and all the available seats at this tasting had long been allocated. But my luck was in it seems; as it turned out, not quite all the seats were taken. A certain eminent and aged London-based writer had just cancelled, as he would instead be cruising the Mediterranean (hopefully on a ship rather than on his trusty bicycle). Would I like to take his place? Yes I would!

Peppercorns & Potter's Clay: Pomerol with Roberson Wine

The journey to London was nothing short of a challenge; I was initially delayed by snow, and then by a broken-down train, and eventually my train terminated prematurely at Stevenage. My second train eventually rolled into King’s Cross station just under three hours late. Thankfully as I was travelling in the morning I still arrived in plenty of time for the tasting, although my other plans for the day were scuppered.

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