Château Séraphine: Vineyards

Château Séraphine is located in the southwestern corner of the Pomerol appellation, in the lieu-dit of Plince, close to the bypass which runs around the periphery of Libourne, and just a short walk from Château Taillefer, perhaps the best-known of all its neighbours. Other nearby estates, sandwiched here between Catusseau and the bypass, include Château Plince, Château Ferrand and Château La Commanderie, not to mention Château Nenin which of course sits to the north, right on the edge of Catusseau

As noted in my introduction to the property, the vineyard is divided into two, both parcels acquired from the Dubois family. Together they amount to just 2.2 hectares, making this one of Pomerol’s most diminutive estates.

Château Séraphine

At the château there is 1 hectare of vines which at the time of the purchase was planted entirely to Merlot. One of Martin’s first decisions, in 2017, was to replant 0.4 hectares of this parcel to Cabernet Franc. The soils in this corner of the appellation are naturally sandy, with deeply buried gravel, and they are peppered with lumps of crasse de fer, an iron-bearing rock which many commentators claim is responsible for the minerality you can find in the wines of this sector.

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