Château Gazin: The Bailliencourt Era

At the opening of the 20th century it was therefore Léon Quenedey who owned Château Gazin, and Gazin’s golden era was coming to an end, its reputation fading somewhat as the 20th century progressed. It is a common tale, the sequence of phylloxera, oidium, war and depression being a story told many times on these pages. In 1917 it passed from Quenedey to Louis Soualle, who already owned Château La Dominique in St Emilion, before both properties came to his daughter who was married to Edouard de Bailliencourt dit Courcol. With this union a long tenure by the noble de Bailliencourt family began, one which runs right through to current times.

Château Gazin

The de Bailliencourt family have a long and ennobled heritage which can be traced back at least six centuries, to a time when they were in the service of the French regent, King Philippe Auguste. The family fought alongside the king at the Battle of Bouvines, when the French exacted a decisive victory over an army comprising German, English and Flemish soldiers.

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