Château Gazin: Domaine de Gazin

Sadly there is no other evidence to describe what life was like for the Barraud brothers, or indeed those that followed them. Over the ensuing centuries, however, the tènement was clearly broken up, allowing the evolution of many of Pomerol’s best-known domaines. The key section that was the origin of Château Gazin evolved into a collective housing a variety of tenants, the Domaine de Gazin. The origin of gazin seems shrouded in mystery; that it might be derived from casa, the Spanish word for house, is quite a commonly cited explanation, although there is about as much evidence for this as there is for Gazin being the site of a 12th-century hospital.

Château Gazin

By the late-18th century Gazin had grown to become a small settlement where the descendants of the Barraud brothers, who were ancestors of the Lebreton family of Château La Croix de Gay, were still working the land, along with perhaps twenty other tenants. One of these tenants was Antoine Feuilhade, perhaps the first truly significant figure in the story of Château Gazin.

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