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Château Bourgneuf: Tasting Notes

Château Bourgneuf: Tasting & Drinking

The wines of Château Bourgneuf have never enjoyed the exalted reputation that some of this property’s neighbours have achieved. Having said that, it is perhaps a bit much to expect the wines to match those of Château Trotanoy, which come from a vineyard higher up the slope and which is rich in a remarkable dense gravel of large brown pebbles, many larger than both my fists clasped together. When we look across the slope of the plateau, rather than up, to the likes of Château La Cabanne, Château Feytit-Clinet and Château La Grave à Pomerol, putting the estate in a more appropriate context, the wines can be judged more fairly. Lined up against some of these peers, the wines of Château Bourgneuf can look very good indeed.

My experiences with Château Bourgneuf largely come from very recent vintages, and largely the era of Frédérique Vayron. I like the wines; they have a solid if sometimes rather robust substance, and there seems to be an upward turn in quality during her time here. I think many critics have under-rated the wines of this estate, which should not be ignored.

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