Château Bourgneuf: Vineyards

Considering the fact that Château Bourgneuf does not have the highest profile in all Pomerol, the location of the vineyards is really rather prestigious. The domaine is situated on the Pomerol plateau, towards the lower end of the slope down towards the D1089. The château sits on one side of the Chemin de Bourgneuf, which runs across the slope of the plateau between the Chemin des Ormeaux, which heads up towards the roundabout at Catusseau, and the Chemin La Cabane, upon which sits Château La Cabanne. Similarly squeezed between these two roads are the main vineyards of Château Trotanoy. Other neighbours include, to the north Château Feytit-Clinet and, to the south, Château Nenin.

Château Bourgneuf

Today there are 9 hectares of vines altogether, gathered together in a single block around the château. The terroir varies across the 9 hectares, particularly as you move down the slope. The upper section is dominated by a dense clay, and a small section at the very top is really identical to the terroir of Château Trotanoy. Moving down the slope, the soils in the middle section perhaps unsurprisingly shift to a more sandy clay, while the lower section is characterised by a sandy gravel.

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