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Château Bonalgue: Tasting Notes

Château Bonalgue: Tasting & Drinking

I think it is only fair to say that, for most of us, it is the plateau châteaux in Pomerol that really hold our attention. Estates such as Petrus, Le Pin, Château Lafleur and Château L’Église-Clinet are not only the greatest in the appellation but in all Bordeaux, and by inference therefore the world. Nevertheless, in exploring Pomerol in more detail, I have come to realise that there are many fine wines to be located on the periphery of this commune, from châteaux located on the sandy banks of the Barbanne, or the similarly sandy plain west of the plateau, or on the lower soils that abut the suburbs of Libourne. Château Rouget in the first case, for example, Clos René in the second, and Château Taillefer in the third. These are all châteaux that are worthy of discovery.

Château Bonalgue

Château Bonalgue is just one more example of this rule that you have to explore in order to discover the truth about any wine region, with Pomerol being no exception to this law. The wine does not have the minerally seam or grand impact of a plateau Pomerol, neither does it have the finesse, the composed confidence nor the elegant tannic structure.

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