Château Bonalgue: Vineyards

The vineyards of Château Bonalgue are located on the outskirts of Libourne, mostly on the north side of the D1089 as it runs along the top of the town, before it turns northwards. This road has done a very effective job of bisecting the estate; on the north side are the majority of the vineyards, although on the south side there is one plot, with the rather helpful name of Autre Côte. The château sits on the Rue de Bonalgue, which continues into the Chemin de Bonalgue, an ancient rue barely wide enough for cars to pass one another and which meanders gently between the vineyards. Sadly it is now impossible to walk or drive all the way along this road as no attempt was made to create a junction with the D1089 when it was laid in 1987; the road simply comes to an end, or turns sideways, as if it dare not intersect with the modern dual-carriageway.

Château Bonalgue

The vineyard covers just over 9.5 hectares of the Pomerol appellation, all gathered fairly close to the château, and it includes some interesting recent additions. Most of the vines sit around the château, and I have already mentioned the section that lies on the far side of the Libourne ring road. There is also a fairly new 1-hectare parcel acquired with the purchase of Château Beauséjour de Bonalgue in 2009, the fruit from which now contributes to the grand vin.

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