Château Le Gay: Vineyards

Château Le Gay and its vineyards are located at the northern end of the appellation, on the Chemin de Chantecaille, which joins the Route de Saint Jacques de Compostelle, the road that runs along the top of Pomerol, behind Château Lafleur and Petrus. These then are some of its near neighbours, although it should be noted that both Lafleur and Petrus sit on the southern side of the road, whereas Château Le Gay sits on the northern side, a few metres closer to the Barbanne, the edge of the plateau, and the appellation boundary. Looking east we see Château La Fleur-Pétrus and Château Lafleur-Gazin, and to the west lies Château Rouget, and these are somewhat more realistic peers for Château Le Gay than Château Lafleur and Petrus. The wines are certainly more comparable.

Château Le Gay

The château is located close to the road, connected to it by a short, loosely-gravelled driveway. In comparison with Château Lafleur, this property has a slightly grander air to it, Le Gay being blessed with an elegant although rather diminutive stone-built château whereas Lafleur, although perhaps slightly larger, is more akin to an upper-class farmhouse (and perhaps more typical of Pomerol for that). It is perhaps not surprising that, for this reason among many others, of the two properties it was at Château Le Gay that the late Robin sisters lived during the summer (they always returned to Libourne to ride out the winter).

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