Château Berliquet: Vineyards

Château Berliquet is located on the Magdelaine plateau, that section just to the south and west of the town of St Emilion. This is a prestigious location; in order to reach the domaine, if travelling out from the town, you would be passing alongside the vineyards of Château Ausone, Château Bélair-Monange and Château Canon in order to reach it. The vineyards cover approximately 9 hectares of the appellation, although in recent years only about 8 hectares has been in production.

Château Berliquet

Of these vines 25% are adjacent to the château, on the profound limestone soils of the plateau. The remaining vineyards run down to the west, with 50% on the côtes, where there is more clay over limestone, and 25% are at the foot of the slope, where the soils become more colluvial. Next to these vineyards are those of Vieux Château Mazerat and Château Angélus. The implication is clear; these are very fine vineyards indeed, capable of great things, not yet realised.

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