Château Berliquet: Paul Romain de Sèze

Anne’s father was Pierre II de Sèze (1671 – 1737), who married Catherine Brunet (1674 – 1741) and they had four children. One of these was the aforementioned Anne, the others were Jean III, Marguerite and Paul Romain. This latter son, Paul Romain de Sèze (1714 – 1787), was the curate at St Sulpice de Faleyrens (a commune on the St Emilion plain, on the banks of the Dordogne), before he climbed the ecclesiastical ladder to become canon and then chaplain of St Emilion. More relevant to us, perhaps, was the fact that he also seemed to have assumed responsibility for the vineyard at Berliquet. It was during his tenure that the vineyard appeared on the Belleyme map.

Château Berliquet

After the death of Paul Romain in 1787, unsurprisingly without any issue, the estate then passed to the family of his brother Jean III de Sèze (1709 – 1777). Jean had married Marthe Dubergier (1723 – 1792) and they produced enough children to field an entire de Sèze football team (including two substitutes), from the first-born Anne Catherine (1743 – 1777) to the thirteenth child, Jean Casimir (1765 – 1842).

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