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Château Tour Saint Christophe

Château Tour Saint Christophe

Standing at the cellar door of Château Barde Haut, located on the eastern sector of the St Emilion plateau, I looked out over the expanse of vineyards before me. The scene was nothing short of captivating, and had given me reason to pause before rushing off for my next appointment.

Just below the cellars of Château Barde Haut the land falls away into a valley, a small scar on the edge of the St Christophe plateau. As the land on the opposite side of the valley rises up, I saw it had been fashioned into terraces, at least seven of them each supporting a small regiment of vines; on some I could make out just a couple of rows, although on others there were as many as six. Atop it all, on the edge of the plateau above, there sat a small château, with capacious cellars set further back, both surrounded by a carpet of vines.

While it was the terraces – not commonly encountered in Bordeaux – that first caught my attention, my eye was quickly drawn to that small property. It was beautifully proportioned and immaculately presented, having clearly been lovingly restored. And the vineyards that swarmed all around it looked nothing short of pristine.

Château Tour Saint Christophe

I had just discovered Château Tour Saint Christophe.

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