Château Croix de Labrie

In 2022 a number of properties, some well-known, some less so, leapt onto the grand cru classé rung of the St Emilion classification. Among them were a number of well-deserved promotions, one of which was undoubtedly Château Croix de Labrie.

The elevation of Château Croix de Labrie to this level was all the more remarkable for its rapidity, as owners Pierre and Axelle Courdurié only acquired the property in late 2012. This was a novel adventure for both of them, so to find themselves promoted barely a decade after taking possession is something of a fairy tale ending to their story. And the promotion was certainly warranted, as the wines are top-notch, and have certainly been making an impact on this particular palate for some years now.

Château Croix de Labrie

In 2023 I sauntered along to the property to meet Pierre and Axelle, and learn about their background, their approach to viticulture and their wines. First, though, as is customary, I present a little history; and it is not a long one, given that this estate was essentially created from scratch by the previous owner, back in 1991. Although, of course, there is always more to ‘short’ histories than at first meets the eye. Read on for more detail.

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