Château Grand Corbin-Despagne

A few hundred yards counts for a lot when it comes to Bordeaux. One moment you could be standing on the banks of a babbling brook, with sandy soils underfoot. The wine made here is good, but ordinary; it is matched by countless other wines, not just from this appellation but many others in the region. Walk for a few minutes in the right direction though (more often than not, uphill), and you could soon find yourself atop a button of famous blue clay, looking out over a carpet of emerald green vines the fruit from which is of such exquisite quality that the wine it becomes is coveted the world over.

Château Grand Corbin-Despagne

A walk though any appellation, indeed any one vineyard, often reveals an array of different terroirs. This is true not only for Pomerol (as hinted at above) but for St Emilion too. It is perhaps more true here than anywhere else, as there is no other appellation in Bordeaux so large, or so significant, which has such varied terroir.

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