Château Berliquet: The Modern Era

Catherine and Paul had at least four children, Madeleine Louis Pauline (1868 – 1949), Dominique Henri (1870 – 1940), Marie Henriette (born 1872) and Louis Frédéric (1873 – 1930). Of these it was the two brothers Dominique, a solicitor, and Louis, a courtier based in Libourne, who took the estate in hand. The 1908 Cocks et Féret reveals the extent of their work on the domaine; in a strong post-phylloxera recovery, and perhaps with new vineyards acquired or planted, production had suddenly trebled, the domaine now turning out 30 tonneaux per annum.

Château Berliquet

The authors praised the efforts of the two brothers in maintaining a significant area of French vines on their own roots, “vieilles vignes françaises” as they are referred to. These 10 hectares of ungrafted vines were felt to contribute greatly to the quality of the wine, which picked up the usual slew of gold medals at various expositions, including events in Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels, Anvers and Saint Louis in the USA.

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