Château Le Prieuré: Joseph Brisson

The buyer was André Paul Benjamin Joseph Brisson (1857 – 1942), better known simply as Joseph, the son of Benjamin Brisson (1824 – 1871) and Catherine Jeanne Chaperon (1837 – 1905). Joseph Brisson was a député of the Gironde, and mayor of Néac from 1886 to 1942. He was also the proprietor of Château Siaurac. As well as adding the Cru des Cordeliers to his portfolio, at around this time he also acquired the Domaine des Grands Champs in Pomerol, close to Château Trotanoy.

Château Le Prieuré

The vines he acquired in Cru des Cordeliers were duly renamed, this new domaine now known as Château Le Prieuré-St-Emilion. This helped to distinguish it from other domaines also derived from the old Cru des Cordeliers vineyards, which included the part retained by Henri and Gabriel Berthomieu de Meynot, the forerunner of the modern-day domaine Les Cordeliers. Unusually their domaine, which was (and still is) based in the aforementioned cloisters, went on to gain a reputation as a source of sparkling wine from within St Emilion, and today descendants of Henri and Gabriel Berthomieu de Meynot continue to produce sparkling wine there (presumably no longer made from decolourised Merlot and Petite Syrah, though). Another similarly named derivative of the monastic vineyards was Les Cordeliers-Villemaurine, a forerunner of the modern-day Château Villemaurine.

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