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Château Faugères: Vineyards & Wines

Château Faugères: Vineyards

The estate is located six kilometres east of St Emilion close to St Etienne de Lisse, near the slopes of the edge of the St Christophe plateau. Near neighbours include Château de Pressac to the west, which also sits on the edge of the plateau and which is noted for its terraced vineyards. To the north lies Château Mangot, and beyond the road is the new Château Valandraud (previously Château Bel-Air-Ouÿ) and Château Fleur Cardinale. To the east, of course, lie the vineyards of Castillon, including neighbouring Château Cap de Faugères.

Château Faugères

Although the Faugères estate started out with perhaps 80 hectares, these have now been distributed between the three estates. Château Faugères has about 45 hectares, although in order to qualify for the 2012 St Emilion classification only 37 hectares were submitted, Silvio Denz and his team having voluntarily declassified 8 hectares which they did not consider up to scratch. Thus the wine is sourced from just 37 hectares today.

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