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Château Faugères: Corinne Guisez

Château Faugères: Corinne Guisez

Tragedy came to Château Faugères on October 25th, 1997, when unexpectedly Péby Guisez died, aged just 52 years. Initially his widow Corinne Guisez, aided by their two daughters, decided that they would continue on with the late Péby’s work, and they also decided that they would celebrate his life with the creation of a new super-cuvée, Château Péby Faugères. This new cuvée was sourced from a distinct parcel of vines covering 7.45 hectares, and its first vintage was 1998. Although it wasn’t known at the time, the creation of this cuvée marked a split in the domaine, as eventually Château Faugères and Château Péby Faugères would split, in response to the criteria for entry to the 2012 revision of the St Emilion classification. I provide more detail on why this is further down the page; for the moment let us continue with the developments at Château Faugères.

Château Faugères

Perhaps recognising that they would need help in running the domaine, in 1997 Corinne Guisez took on some significant new staff. The first was a new viticultural consultant to provide advice in the vineyard complementary to that of Rolland’s in the chai, named Jean-Pierre Cousinié. The second new appointment was Alain Dourthe, who began work as general manager; Alain remains in this role today, looking after not only the Château Faugères vines but also those of the associated domaines (Péby Faugères and Cap de Faugères).

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