Château Magdelaine: Tasting & Drinking

My tasting notes for Château Magdelaine are sparse, and with the estate having been wound up they are likely to remain that way, although I do occasionally encounter an old bottle here and there, which is why I decided to update and maintain this profile.

One positive encounter with the wine of this estate came in the 1998 vintage, which fared quite well in a horizontal tasting looking at the premier grand cru classé wines of this vintage. Having said that, I certainly preferred the 1988 vintage, which I had tasted only a month or two earlier, and which stacked up very nicely when tasted alongside other wines of this vintage.

More recent tastes have suggested some promise; I rather liked the 2009 and 2010 vintages when tasted during the primeurs, with a preference for the latter, and the 2011 and 2008 vintages weren’t bad. They perhaps weren’t quite what we should expect from a vineyard essentially next-door to Château Ausone though. Sadly, such debate, after the dissolution of the estate following the 2011 vintage, is rather academic. (2/11/07, updated 19/1/17)

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