Château Grand Mayne: Vineyards

Château Grand Mayne lies to the west of St Emilion, at the foot of the plateau. As already alluded to in my introduction, near neighbours include Château Franc Mayne, which lies just a few hundred metres to the east. Others include Château Coutet, which is even closer, to the southwest, and which was once also in the possession of the Lavau family. Otherwise to the south there is Château Belle Vue and Château Angélus, to the northwest Château Laroze and Château Yon-Figeac, and to the northeast Château Franc Pourret.

Château Grand Mayne

Its position on the slope means that the terroir here is largely one of clay and limestone, the vines enjoying south- and west-facing positions in many cases. Some vines at the bottom of the slope are rooted in richer clay (to the south) and more sandy soils (to the west).

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