Château Grand Corbin: Vineyards

Château Grand Corbin is located in the Corbin secteur of the St Emilion appellation, surrounded by many other vineyards also derived from the old Corbin seigneurie, including Château Grand Corbin Manuel no the north and Château Grand Corbin Despagne and Château Corbin to the west. Southwest and south are Château Ripeau, Château La Commanderie and Château Chauvin. Terroir is everything, and most of these vineyards are established on soils of wind-blown sand, but it is noteworthy than only a few hundred metres to the west sit Château Cheval Blanc and Château Figeac, on their prestigious gravel soils.

Château Grand Corbin

As described in my history of the estate, after the two SMABTP properties were classified as grand cru classé in 2012, they were unified. The 15.5 hectares of Château Grand Corbin were augmented by 9 hectares from Château Haut-Corbin plus another 4 hectares acquired from a neighbour of equal rank, bringing the total vineyard area up to 28.5 hectares. Despite this gathering together of different parcels, the vineyards are still all closely approximated to the château, abutting the vineyards of Château Chauvin to the south, and running up close to the Barbanne in the north.

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