Château Grand Corbin: The Cazeaux Era

The presence of the domaine was not recorded in early editions of Cocks et Féret, only appearing for the first time during the 1880s, alongside numerous other Corbin estates including the aforementioned Château Corbin et Jean Faure, under the name of Grand Corbin et Boisredon, the proprietor Nelson Cazeaux (1846 – 1929). Guillaume had married Françoise Roberteau, and Nelson was their son. By the time he took over the running of the estate he himself was already married, having wed Marie-Suzanne Perrodeau in 1874, and he was an well-known advocate, then banker and then judge in the Bordeaux region. His vines were recorded in the 1883 and 1886 Cocks et Féret as producing a mere 12 tonneaux per annum.

Château Grand Corbin

By 1908 this had increased to 30 tonneaux per annum. Sometime after 1912 the estate was acquired by Jules Ströhl, who was the proprietor in 1922, the domaine having grown, the production now up to 50 tonneaux per annum. He remained at the estate until at least 1929, and by the end of World War II the proprietor was Francis Pécresse (1883 – 1978), as head of the Société Civile des Vignobles du Grand Corbin.

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