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Château Fombrauge: Vineyards & Wines

Château Fombrauge: Vineyards

Château Fombrauge is the largest grand cru classé estate in St Emilion, covering approximately 75 hectares, of which 58.6 hectares are planted to vineyards. The estate is in fact split fairly evenly between two sites, each with just shy of 30 hectares of vineyards. Although it is not widely publicised, the two vineyards are in fact about 4 kilometres distant from one another.

Château Fombrauge

The first section of vineyard surrounds the château in St Christophe des Bardes. Here the soils are predominantly clay, and the vines are planted on a gentle north-facing slope which runs down towards the Barbanne. In truth there are few truly notable neighbours here, although Château Laroque lies just a few hundred metres to the south.

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