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Château Fombrauge: Sarran de Canolle

Château Fombrauge: Sarran de Canolle

It was Sarran de Canolle (1657 – 1713) who inherited the property. He held the rather grand and long-winded title of Inspecteur général des compagnies bourgeoises des villes et bourgs des sénéchaussées de Bordelais et Bazadais, and he was seigneur of Andron, Fombrauge, Lalande and Lescours, but this didn’t seem to discourage Marie Jeanne Thérèse de Rozet from marrying him on May 31st 1684. They had nine children, including two sons. With such a large family they no doubt needed a roof over their heads, and it seems likely that it was Sarran who was responsible for the construction of the chartreuse, which seems to have been built sometime around 1679.

Château Fombrauge

Sarran’s daughter Jeanne-Thérèse de Canolle (died 1692) married Thibaud Dumas (died 1736) in 1691, and it was thus that the Dumas family gained possession of the seigneurie and estate. This did not quite mark the end of the Canolle era, however, as they did yet still have a small role to play.

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