Château La Commanderie: Tasting & Drinking

The style of wine made here at Château La Commanderie is (perhaps unsurprisingly) in the modern vein. The terroir is not prestigious (even if there is a little gravel here and there) and the Decosters rely on meticulous work, winemaking à la mode and well qualified consultation to produce wines of interest.

On occasion, in weaker vintages such as 2013 which was very wet, the fruit character leans towards a more pointed style, marked by the flavours of acid-fresh red cherry. In the majority of vintages, however, the profile tends to be darker, with more substance and weight. The 2015 vintage is a case in point; it shows a darker fruit character, with a little soft sense of smudged diffusion to it, a typically modern feature. These are, in short, wines made with great care but which will ultimately appeal to those who prefer a professionally polished and more modern style. (29/11/18)

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