Château La Commanderie: Vineyards

Château La Commanderie is located on the expanse of sandy terroirs in the western part of the St Emilion appellation, well away from any hint of the limestone soils which characterise the St Emilion plateau, but not sufficiently far west to be able to boast significantly gravelly soils, at least not for the majority of the vineyard. The château itself is positioned behind Château Montlabert, a very smartly presented property which sits on the most obvious route between St Emilion and Pomerol. One way to find it is to explore the back roads of the appellation as I have done over the years, although a more direct route is, after turning right up towards Pomerol, simply turn right again before you get to Château Cheval Blanc. One minute later you will come across the vineyards of Château La Commanderie.

Château La Commanderie

This places Château La Commanderie very close to the Corbin sector. Its nearest neighbour to the north is Château Ripeau, and beyond that Château Grand Corbin and Château Corbin, while to the east lies Château Chauvin. More notably, to the west lie the vineyards of Château Jean Faure, Château La Dominique and Château Cheval Blanc.

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