Château Lassègue: Vineyards

Château Lassègue is located on the St Emilion côtes, to the east of the town. It is, despite my relatively recent discovery of the estate, not too difficult to locate; turn east as you drive up the slope towards the town near Château La Gaffelière, and continue on this road which runs along the foot of the slope. Once you have passed both Château Pavie and Château Larcis Ducasse you will come, eventually, to Château Lassègue.

Château Lassègue

The estate sits roughly mid-slope, with vines behind it, running up to the trees on the edge of the plateau, and also below it, running down onto the sandy plain that continues all the way down to the Dordogne. Those vines higher up the slope enjoy the clay and limestone terroir that typifies the côtes, while those below it are planted on soils with a gradually greater proportion of clay, before the soils eventually turn more sandy. There are 34 hectares to the estate (so it has clearly grown since visited by Bernard Ginestet in the 1980s), but of these only 24 hectares are considered by Pierre Seillan to be eligible for the wines of Château Lassègue. The 10 hectares at the bottom of the vineyard have been cleaved off, to create a different wine, Château Vignot. Both Château Lassègue and Château Vignot are made in the Lassègue facilities.

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