Château Larmande: Vineyards

The vineyards of Château Larmande lie a little over one kilometre to the north of the town of St Emilion itself. There are 27 hectares of vineyard surrounding the château, neighboured to the south by Château Cadet-Bon and Château Soutard, to the east by Château Dassault and Château Faurie de Souchard, and to the west by Château Cap de Mourlin.

Château Larmande

To the north the neighbours are less notable, and this no doubt reflects the lay of the land here. Château Larmande sits on a very obvious slope, running downhill as you move in a northwards direction, away from the town of St Emilion. Those properties higher up the slope are more advantaged, the soils here featuring more clay and limestone, but moving further down the slope the soils become more sandy. Indeed, the soils of Château Larmande are 15% clay with limestone and 15% sandy-clay, but 70% ancient sand.

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