Château Jean Faure: Michel Amart

Marcel Loubat died between 1941 and 1943, and once again it was up to the widow to take control. This situation lasted barely a few years, however, as in 1946 both Château Jean Faure and Château Ripeau came into the hands of his granddaughter Suzanne and her husband Michel de Wilde (died 1976). They had a daughter Ghislaine, who married Michel Amart, and in 1975 this couple took control of Château Jean Faure (while the direction of Château Ripeau passed to another family member). Michel Amart’s presence turned out to be very beneficial for the domaine, significant achievements being made under his tenure, including the appointment of Michel Rolland as consultant oenologist. Michel and Ghislaine had big ambitions for Château Jean Faure, but it seems they were unable to realise their dreams.

Château Jean Faure


At the time Michel and Ghislaine took over the administration of Château Jean Faure in 1976, it had for some time been ranked as grand cru classé in the St Emilion classification. According to Bernard Ginestet, writing in St Emilion (Jacques Legrand SA, 1988), it was Michel’s intention to seek promotion to the rank of premier grand cru classé, but it was not to be.

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