Château les Grandes Murailles: Tasting & Drinking

Château les Grandes Murailles was surely one of the most charming vineyards of the entire St Emilion appellation. This micro-plot of vines, sitting in the shadow of these ancient monastery walls, with cellars carved from the limestone directly beneath, just two metres down (with vine roots coming through cracks in the roof pictured below), was a microcosm of all things wine.

Château les Grandes Murailles

The wines gave a certain pleasure, showing black cherry and damson fruit in their youth, evolving to a more complex character with age, with elements of tobacco, spice, smoke and charcoal. I confess I preferred the more recent 2015 and 2016 vintages to the older wines I have tasted; this may merely have been a vintage phenomenon, but perhaps it reflected the benefit brought by to the table by Matthieu Cuvelier’s team.

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