Château Le Chatelet: Tasting & Drinking

The wines of Château Le Chatelet have a rather modern style, the texture typically glossy and polished, the fruit dark and concentrated, with aromas and flavours of black cherry, blackberry and black olive. The tannins are typically firm, as per the style of some right-bank Merlot-dominated wines, especially in warmer vintages, and they can sometimes present rather sooty and extracted nuances.

Château Le Chatelet

This tendency can sometimes veer into more typically modernista character, with an obvious presence of oak and some rather hot and smudged fruit, losing the dark definition described above, with a rich warmth. These are not wines for those who prefer the more elegant and defined style that can be found at some of the estate’s neighbours, but they will be popular with anyone who prefers a big, bold, New World style. If that isn’t you, and you find yourself in possession of a bottle, I would suggest drinking it cooler rather than warmer, and younger rather than older. (19/12/19)

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