Château Cap de Mourlin: Vineyards

The little collection of dwellings known as Cap De Mourlin, where the Capdemourlin family has resided for at least five centuries, lies just to the north of the town of St Emilion. One of these dwellings, on the west as you head towards Montagne and Lussac, is Château Cap de Mourlin itself. Although the Capdemourlin family own a number of properties in St Emilion, it is surely with Château Cap de Mourlin – for one very obvious reason – that they are now best associated.

Château Cap de Mourlin

Nevertheless their long presence here is evidenced by the clustering of other Capdemourlin properties, all situated close by. Château Balestard La Tonnelle, today the principal Capdemourlin residence, is just to the southeast. Château Petit Faurie de Soutard, until 2017 also in the hands of the Capdemourlin family, is closer, just to the east, and even closer still is Château Larmande, also no longer part of the Capdemourlin portfolio, but the family once owned a share.

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