Château Doisy-Dubroca: Vineyards

Understandably, the vineyards of Château Doisy-Dubroca are closely associated with those of Château Doisy-Védrines and Château Doisy-Daëne. The two latter estates flank the vineyards of the old Doisy estate; the former lies at the south-eastern end, close to the Ciron, while the latter lies at the north-western end, on the road which runs up to Château Climens. The tiny vineyard of Château Doisy-Dubroca sits between these two properties, right next to several parcels belonging to Château Doisy-Daëne. The soils have the same character as those of their neighbours, with the classic red-brown sandy-clay soils of Barsac at the surface, over the deeper fissured limestone that gives these wines their distinctive character.

Château Doisy-Dubroca

As I noted in my introduction, Château Doisy-Dubroca has long been considered the smallest of all the Sauternes properties which were classified in 1855. Prior to the pulling up of the vines by the Lurton family in 2012 the vineyard amounted to just 3.08 hectares, scraping in below Château Romer which has about 3.5 hectares to its name.

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