Château Haut-Bergeron

There are few Sauternes estates beyond the realms of the premiers and deuxièmes crus which receive much, if any, attention. This is hardly surprising when we consider that even a number of the deuxièmes crus maintain a rather obscure existence. When will you next espy a bottle from Château Romer or Château Romer du Hayot, for instance? And what about Château Suau? When exploring the appellation of Sauternes itself it turns out even the château and vineyard are rather difficult to track down, never mind a bottle of the estate’s wine.

Château Haut-Bergeron

Nevertheless, there are a number of estates not listed in the 1855 classification of Sauternes and Barsac which are worth knowing about, even though it might take some time and effort getting acquainted with these châteaux, as their wines are often not widely distributed. I know that Sauternes can provide such good value for money, even at the classed-growth level, and thus I imagine that many drinkers feel that there just isn’t a need to look for even greater bargains. But it is not just about price. The quality of wines produced at some of these unclassified estates can be considerable, and this – combined with excellent value, of course – is the main reward. One such estate with something to offer us is Château Haut-Bergeron.

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