Château Guiraud

Arriving at the turning into Château Guiraud, I found my way was blocked. Beyond the gateway lay a long avenue, once part of a Roman road, and thus lined with plane trees. You can’t have a Roman road without plane trees, can you? The driveway leads from the entrance up to the château and other associated buildings, but right at this moment four people were obscuring my view of the estate, and their car was blocking the way. My first impression that they were tourists, two couples, and the number plate on their vehicle suggested their origin was Slovenian. And with Château Guiraud looking resplendent in the autumn sunshine, what better backdrop for their holiday snaps could there be?

Château Guiraud

Stopping to take a few photographs myself, however, it soon became clear to me that these were no ordinary holiday snaps. For a start, only one of the quartet was the subject, and nobody else stepped into the frame. The subject took up her position. She posed. She pouted. She ran her fingers through her hair, and then posed and pouted some more.

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