Château Guiraud, 2016 Update

In this Bordeaux Quartet series I have looked at the four most recent vintages at a number of châteaux, in most cases 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. I think it has been a useful exercise, for a couple of reasons. First, it has been a chance to take a second look at a fresh set of barrel samples from the 2015 vintage in a completely different setting, a valuable exercise even if these had been presented in isolation. As it was, with the four wines presented it has also been informative to taste this vintage alongside others currently prevalent in the market place. Considering the difference in prices between 2015 and the preceding three vintages, it is vital to ensure the quality justifies the seemingly inevitable rise in price. I am not sure, certainly as you move up the Médoc, that this is always the case.

Château Guiraud

With this final report I must once again ask forgiveness for my woeful understanding of the word ‘quartet’. With a handful of my reports thus I have been rather flexible in my interpretation of this word; sometimes I have only been able to report on three vintages, and on one occasion only two. This report on the wines of Château Guiraud (pictured above) is another example of the latter, as I complete my series of Bordeaux Quartet reports with a tasting of four wines but from only two vintages, two from 2015, and two from 2013.

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