Château Haut-Bergeron: Vineyards

The château is located on the roadside in the commune of Preignac, not far south of Lamothe (not the second growths Lamothe-Guignard or Lamothe-Despujols, but a small hamlet of the same name). A little further on, to the northwest, runs the Ciron, life-force of the Sauternes and Barsac region. The nearest neighbour of any repute is probably Suduiraut, a kilometre or so to the south. Opposite and around the château the land is flat, and smothered in vines; some of these belong to Haut-Bergeron. Many plots are more distant though.

Château Haut-Bergeron

There are 17 hectares in all, and although 5 hectares surround the château in Preignac as suggested above, the estate in its entirety is divided between the communes of Preignac, Bommes, Barsac and Sauternes, the latter plot of vines in part contiguous with those of Yquem (it is remarkable how many estates manage to border this premier cru supérieur). Within each commune the plots are numerous, there being about 80 altogether, and sometimes they are very small in size. The terroir thus varies greatly across the Haut-Bergeron vineyard; those plots on higher ground feature sandy-gravelly soils over clay, whereas those on lower ground closer to the Garonne are more likely to feature alluvial sand and silt, over limestone. All the plots are south-facing.

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