Château Le Thil Comte Clary: Vineyards

The nearest neighbour to Château Le Thil Comte Clary is in fact Château Le Pape, which lies directly to the west, the two vineyards separated only by a narrow road. Nevertheless it is the more famous neighbours that hint at the potential of the terroir; to the north and west a little, continuing up the slope on which the vineyard lies, is Château Carbonnieux. To the south and east a little, up the slope in the opposite direction, lies Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte. The two properties of course have the same owners, just as they did during the Duffour era. Directly to the northeast, meanwhile, sits Château Bouscaut, the third in this trio of classed growth neighbours.

Château Le Thil Comte Clary

The land slopes upwards both in northerly and southerly directions because there is a gentle valley here, carved out by a small stream, the Ruisseau de Bourran. This flows northwards, slowly bending round to the east until it drains directly into the Garonne, just a few kilometres away. At this point of its course it is surrounded by thick woodland, and it is on the edge of this woodland, the vines positioned on the north side of the ‘valley’, that Château Le Thil Comte Clary sits.

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