Château Lamothe-Guignard: Vineyards

Compared to its neighbour, the rather diminutive Château Lamothe-Despujols, this domaine is something of a giant. The estate is spread over 32 hectares of the Sauternes appellation, not quite five times the size of Château Lamothe-Despujols. Of this 32 hectares, 18 hectares are dedicated to vineyards, in two distinct parcels situated close to the château.

Château Lamothe-Guignard

The first section is planted on the limestone and clay slopes which run away from the château to the Ciron. This river is a defining feature within the Sauternes landscape. It runs in a roughly north-easterly direction here, heading towards the Garonne. The waters that it carries originate many miles away, in distant forests, and they remain very cool despite flowing out onto the vine-covered landscape. As a result the river is known for generating morning mists that are considered vital for the development of botrytis (a tale I repeat here, although the truth is botrytis really needs a shower or two of rain to really get going). This section of vines is planted at 5,500 vines per hectare.

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