Château Haut-Bergey: Francelet Vergne & The Garcin-Lévêque Era

As was the case with a number of other notable newcomers to Bordeaux during the late 19th century the Vergne family was from Corrèze. Many agricultural folk from this region, which lies to the east of Bordeaux close to Limoges, sought to better their lives by leaving behind the struggle of subsistence farming and instead taking up work in the Bordeaux wine trade. They often started out as traders and négociants, although in many cases they ended up as significant or indeed central figures in the region’s wine history. I suspect Francelet was one of their number, purely because in 1925 he held the office of president of the Société Amicale Corrézienne de Bordeaux.

Château Haut-Bergey

The Plantade Era

Little is known of what Francelet Vergne achieved at Château Haut-Bergey, although we do have a much clearer idea of what happened when he relinquished his hold on the domaine.

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