Château Gilette: Vineyards

While in theory the Sauternes appellation runs right up to the edge of the Garonne, in fact most vineyards are of course located a little distance away, to the west. This avoids planting on the palus, the silty alluvial flatland along the water’s edge, and of course it also leaves room for the town of Preignac, which sits very close to the river. And yet the Gonet-Médeville facilities (as noted in my introduction there is no ‘château‘ as such at Gilette) are to be found here, right at the heart of Preignac, down a narrow avenue, a spur coming directly off the main road through the town. There are two vineyards of note nearby, Gilette and Les Justices.

Château Gilette

The vineyard of Château Gilette is in fact a small clos in the centre of Preignac, next to the cemetery, which is quite easy to locate. The origin of the name Gilette is unknown, but Xavier hypotheses that it probably reflects the name of a long-forgotten proprietor, Gilette being the feminine form of Gilles.

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