Château de Cérons: Vineyards

Château de Cérons sits at the heart of the village of Cérons, just across the road from the 12th-century church and the original Château La Tour Cérons (the rebuilt Renaissance version, anyway). The residence is a chartreuse built, as already described, at the end of the 17th century by the Calvimont family. Today I am afraid to say it has a rather crumbling, aged facade. On the side of the château facing the church there is a courtyard, enclosed by two parallel buildings; although today these are used as barrel cellars and as a cuverie, they once housed the estate’s workers. These little houses date to the 16th century. On the other side of the château, between the old main road that ran from Bordeaux to Toulouse and the château itself there is a walled vineyard.

Château de Cérons

The estate has 26 hectares of vines in production, and there is another 4 hectares newly established since Xavier took the reins, so they have 30 hectares in total for the moment. Of these, 3 hectares lie in the village; this vineyard is planted with Semillon and Merlot, and it sits next to the château, within the aforementioned clos. The Merlot is very young, planted in 2013. The remaining 27 hectares of vines are on the limestone plateau of Cérons, on the far side of the wall and the road beyond.

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