Château Bouscaut: The Chabanneau Family

From Monsieur Courtade de Moussaron the Bouscaut estate – as it was to become known – was purchased by the Chabanneau family. In the 1883 Cocks et Féret a number of properties are listed in the commune of Cadaujac, including Château du Bouscaut (the du would soon disappear) which was in the hands of a Monsieur Chabaneau (the name perhaps slightly misspelt). Even at this point the annual production was 80 tonneaux, dwarfing that of any other property in the commune. Under the direction of Monsieur Chabaneau the estate began to develop a more significant reputation, so much so that when the next edition of Cocks et Féret was published in 1886 the authors were prepared to profile the estate in a little more detail.

Château Bouscaut

At this time the property was in the ownership of Pierre Chabanneau (presumably the same Chabanneau as above), and it amounted to 50 hectares, of which 36 hectares were ‘enclos’, presumably enclosed (although there is little sign of any walls or the like today). Pierre is credited with having “transformed” the estate during the preceding eight years. Of the 50 hectares an impressive 30 hectares were planted to vines, alongside which there was also 6 hectares of parkland and 14 hectares of woods and grassland.

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