Bordeaux 2001: Sauternes in 2006

The 2001 vintage saw great success for Sauternes. The following report on a selection of wines from 2001 was put together with wines largely sourced from my own cellar (all save for the Yquem), tasted (and enjoyed) at intervals between March and July 2006. In all cases this was the first taste of these wines for me; tasting wines in their youth, especially from six-packs or full cases, is essential to understand how these wines develop, and so although many of the wines here were still in a very simple, primary stage, they were fascinating to taste.

Bordeaux 2001: Sauternes in 2006

Interestingly, many of the wines below were part of a joint purchase with a friend who then pulled out of the deal, leaving me with copious quantities and an incredibly large bill. With the benefit of hindsight, I’m very glad the deal swung that way, as these are fabulous wines that I plan to enjoy over the next few decades. At the time, however, ouch! My bank balance really hurt. (21/7/06)

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