Château La Louvière: Tasting & Drinking

Mature vintages of Château La Louvière have not crossed my lips that often, with the 1994 red being the only potential candidate; on both occasions I have really enjoyed this wine. Neverthe
less my experience is more with the wines in their youth, either tasted en primeur or, more importantly, tasted when just in bottle or at a few years down the line.

Looking at these tastings of young wines it is clear that in more recent vintages there have been some sterling efforts from the Lurton team at La Louvière, for both white wines and red in 2005 and 2006, and the white 2007 was also of good quality; I did not taste the corresponding red wine from this latter vintage. In 2003 the white was very typical of the vintage and thus not really to my liking, although the red was more interesting.

In more recent vintages, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the white was good in 2007, a vintage that certainly favoured white wines and sweet wines over the reds. The same was true of the white wine in 2010 and 2011. As for the red wine, there are no prizes for guessing the level of quality achieved in 2009, as this very favourable vintage was of benefit to any winemaker who knew when to keep his or her hands off and not ruin the grand bounty nature had given them with injudicious over-manipulation. The wine here is very good.

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