Château Hannetot: Vineyards

The estate lies at the northern end of the commune of Léognan, as described in my introduction. The rather anonymous gateway which permits entrance to the property is not far from the entrance to Château Olivier, which is on the opposite side of the road. At the end of the tree-lined avenue lies what at first appears to be an attractive château, although this was in fact once the stable block (pictured on the previous page), completely renovated and kitted out as a chai and tasting room. The original château, dating to the late-19th century, lies just a few metres to one side, and although seemingly in a good state of repair it is drab and unrestored. This is, I sense, a project for the future.

Château Hannetot

There are 4 hectares all told, divided up into three parcels representing three terroirs, first a sandy clay, second limestone, and third gravel. In front of the château the soils (pictured below) are richer in gravel, whereas moving away from the château they gradually become more sandy, either a sandy clay or pure sand as you get nearer to L’Eau Blanche, which runs along the foot of the vineyard.

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