Château Brown: Tasting & Drinking

Writing in Bordeaux, David Peppercorn recalls fondly the wines of Château Brown, including a good experience with the 1928 vintage, before a long hiatus ensued – partly a result that viticulture died on the estate of course – before he seemingly rediscovered the property with the 1981 and 1985 vintages. On these latter wines he also makes positive murmurings, clearly indicating an appreciation for the wines of Brown.

Château Brown

With this limited knowledge to Brown I first visited the estate in 2006, and could see even then the effects of the work carried out during the first year or two of Jean-Christophe Mau’s tenure were having on the wines, although obviously the superlative 2005 vintage, and the under-rated 2004 vintage, had given him and his team something of a helping hand. Nevertheless, this was not just a vintage effect I think, because the quality has been maintained and improved upon since.

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