Five Vintages of Château Giscours, 2018

During a trip around Bordeaux earlier this year, in May, I called in on Château Giscours. In the company of technical director Didier Forêt, I spent an hour or two checking out the château, cellars and of course the vineyard, before taking a look at a few recent vintages.

I will start here with a quick potted summary of this estate’s long history. Viticulture here dates back to at least the 16th century, although the estate itself – which at the time went by the name of Guyscoutz – is at least two centuries older than that. It was not really until the 19th century that the modern-day Château Giscours began to take shape though, spurred on by the efforts of the Promis, Pescatore and Cruse families. The château was transformed, taking on the palatial facade it displays today, and both agricultural and winemaking facilities were added. The property was acquired by Nicolas Tari after World War II, before coming into the hands of the late Eric Albada Jelgersma in 1995. Today this expansive estate remains in the hands of the Jelgersma family, although running the show on a day-to-day basis is Alexander van Beek, with the help of a large team, including the aforementioned Didier Forêt (pictured below).

Château Giscours

If this all sounds a little brief, I should point out that I will be updating my profile of Château Giscours some time during the coming months.

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