Château Kirwan: Schroder & Schÿler

Camille’s gift went beyond this vineyard, as he also left behind the splendid Parc de Bordelais, 30 hectares of botanical paradise in the heart of the city, the work of the famed garden designer Eugene Bülher (1822 – 1907) and stocked with specimens of sequoia, magnolia, walnut and cypress, to name a just a few of the species favoured by Godard, a keen botanist. Sadly, it seems Château Kirwan did not have the same attention lavished upon it. Adolphe died in 1895, and at this time the city looked for someone new to take the estate in hand. An agreement was reached with the négociant firm Schroder & Schÿler, who took on the responsibility of farming the vineyards and making the wine.

Château Kirwan

They put in place a régisseur name Moreau, and they seemed to have taken a fairly hard-nosed, unromantic and commercial approach. The wine was generally blended across the vintages, rather as Château Pontet-Canet once was, and only sold as a single-vintage wine in exceptional years. This contract seems to have suited the city councillors, however, as it was renewed in 1902, a new ten-year agreement that should have carried Schroder & Schÿler through to the end of 1911.

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